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The Work Time Recorder is a handy tool that helps you track the time spent on various projects. Most of us are required to work on several different billable tasks throughout the day and are required to account for the time spent on each individual task (for billing purposes). This can often be a hassle if you forget to write down the time you started a particular task. If you're like me, you end up racking your brain at the end of the week trying to come up with a semi-accurate timecard. With the Work Time Recorder, you can easily switch between activities with one click and leave the details of time keeping to the application. At any time, the tool can generate a summary report of time spent on various projects over the previous week.


The Work Time Recorder is a relatively simple application but is surprisingly useful. It can be launched each day when you log into your computer and shutdown each day when you leave. This simple application can help to alleviate one of the main headaches associated with working in a modern world - time keeping. Here are the main features of the Work Time Recorder

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